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Chapter Committees:
Growing Leaders - Career Success
  11/10/2021  - Industry Tours
The Industry tour is an opportunity for our members to go out and experience a few local industries that have an agricultural background, this activity is also a good way to show our members the vast diversity the agriculture industry has to offer and potential job opportunity. [THIS IS NOT THE SET DATE]
Strengthening Agriculture - Safety
  2/14/2022  - Monthly Meeting
For this monthly meeting we will be having a CPR certification night where we will have an instructor come and get out members interested in being certified! We will also have committee meetings for upcoming events such as donkey basketball and the march meeting making owl boxes. 
Strengthening Agriculture - Support Group
  9/22/2021  - Alumni Dinner
Building Communities - Citizenship
  12/13/2021  - December Monthly Meeting (Wrapping Presents & Application Help)
On December 13th the Kimberly FFA Chapter will hold its monthly meeting in the Ag building! The meeting will start at 7:00 pm where we will go over future activities our chapter will be participating in, like Community Breakfast and Gem State Leadership Conference. After the general news has been spread, the members will move onto our two activities for the meeting. The activities are wrapping presents bought previously in the month for Adopt a Family, and helping students fill out scholarship applications, award applications, and more! 
Building Communities - Stakeholder Engagement
  2/18/2022  - Community Breakfast
On February 18th, starting at 8 am in the Ag Building, Kimberly FFA will be serving breakfast to our community members.  This activity is to show how thankful we are to have the support businesses, past members, buyers from the TFCF, parents, teachers and many more!
Chapter Officers:
Jace Hall
Preston Shaw
Vice President
Madilynn Abramowski
Katherine Carter
Connor Porath
Rhett Larson
Keelyn Hall


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